Chill Out With The Adult Coloring Book Island Time Tropical Escape

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Island Time:Tropical Escape Coloring Book

I finally did it! I self-published my first adult coloring book Island Time Tropical Escape (affiliate link).

My wife has been bugging me for over a year to join the coloring book publishing craze. At first, I was hesitant. After all, the fad of zendoodles really isn’t my style (not that they aren’t awesome… it’s just not me).

Furthermore, I can not tell you how stoked I would be to never see another computer generated mandala coloring book on the shelf at the supermarket.

Color and chill with tropical inspired the adult coloring book Island Time available on Amazon. Free coloring pages at

Why Publish An Adult Coloring Book?

Despite my reservations, I began to research different coloring books. I noticed a few really talented illustrators that were producing wonderful works of art in coloring books. The wonderful thing about a coloring book as opposed to an oil painting, (or other pieces of non-functional artwork), is that people can physically engage with coloring book art instead of just critiquing or admiring it. There is nothing better than art that serves a purpose.

During my research, I noticed many of the coloring books were similar in style and content. I decided to embrace my different perspective and roll with it. Since this was my first coloring book I repurposed some of my previous designs from other projects to offer colorists a unique experience from other coloring books on the market.

Overall, self-publishing my first coloring book on CreateSpace was a great experience for me. This was my first attempt at using CreateSpace so it was a bit of a learning curve. However, I was still very pleased with it. See all the coloring pages included in this video:


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Artist Chris MacDonald of MacDonald Creative Studios has sold art online since 2008. He is a oil painter and digital artist. He has illustrated several adult coloring books as well as Creative Drawing Prompts: 201 Ideas Sketchbook Journal Sketching, Doodling, and Drawing for all Ages which is available on Amazon. You can find his art on thousands of different products including fabric, clothing, and home decor.