Welcome! Hi, I’m Chris MacDonald. I teach artists how to make passive income by selling their art online and help them to improve their art skills.


I have been creating traditional art (drawing, oil painting) for over thirty years. My passion is art. But, my bachelor’s degree focused on engineering management and business.


During 2008, I worked for a company that was hit by the recession. I was downsized along with many others. After this, I decided that there are no “safe” jobs.


So, I taught myself digital design and set out to make a living from my passion. Now, I am a full-time indie artist focused on a bright coastal aesthetic. My art and design skills include:


  • Illustration
  • Oil Painting
  • Digital Painting
  • Surface Pattern Design
  • 3d Modeling (for 3d printing)


All of my art sales are via passive income streams. If you want to learn how I do this (and you can too) take my classes on the low-cost learning website Skillshare. You will get access to Skillshare’s 14, 000+ classes for free for 1 month if you are a new customer.


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